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Many dental problems–tooth decay and tooth abscess to name a few–have obvious symptoms that announce their presence. However, you may not be aware of a cracked tooth even if you have received an oral exam or dental X-ray. However, we can offer some telltale signs of a cracked tooth and what you should do to have it repaired quickly.

A cracked tooth can result in inconsistent and fleeting dental pain. If you notice that you feel pain when biting or chewing with a certain tooth, you may have a cracked tooth in your smile. Cracked teeth can also result in tooth sensitivity triggered by hot, cold, or sweet foods or beverages. The pain usually ebbs when the situation causing it has passed. Significant dental cracks may even be visible in your smile.

You can help Dr. Robert E. Hansen Jr., DDS identify a cracked tooth by keeping a record of where you feel dental pain when it occurs, and what activity seems to trigger it.

Even the smallest dental crack needs to be treated by a dentist so that it can’t expose your smile to tooth decay or dental infection. Minor cracks can be remedied with a dental filling or crown, but if left untreated, they may need more extensive work such as root canal therapy or an extraction.

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