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If you are unfamiliar with bruxism, it is a term that refers to a subconscious oral health condition that causes you to grind or clench your teeth during sleep. You may be completely unaware of the presence of bruxism, but we invite you to learn the symptoms that may arise from it.

You can ask a family member or roommate if they have ever noticed you grinding your teeth or making loud noises in your jaw while you sleep. You can also check your smile for any damages in or around the teeth, including the cheek tissues. Inner cheeks that are heavily bitten or worn may have been damaged during nightly tooth grinding. Other signs of bruxism include worn-down or flat teeth or indentations on your tongue.

Symptoms of bruxism that you may not equate to the condition include:

– Facial or jaw pain
– Muscles in the face that feel tight
– Frequent morning headaches
– Earaches
– A jaw that locks
– Heightened tooth sensitivity

If you are struggling with bruxism, our dentist can offer a variety of treatments, including night guards. We invite you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert E. Hansen Jr., DDS at Hansen Dental Care by contacting our office at 626-793-2273 today. We can help you determine how to treat your bruxism in Pasadena, California.