A Historical Timeline of Dentistry in the 20th Century

Do you ever wonder how dentistry has evolved over the past century? The answer is: quite a bit, especially in the area of improved technology. Here’s a timeline to illustrate:

1903: Dr. Charles Land patents the first porcelain jacket crown.
1905: A German chemist Alfred Einhorn creates the formula for the anesthetic later called Novocaine.
1908 An important leader in American dentistry education, Greene Vardiman Black, creates an important two-volume treatise called Operative Dentistry. He later develops techniques for fillings, standardizes operating procedures for dentistry and offers other important contributions.
1913: Fones Clinic for Dental Hygienists, the world’s first dental hygiene school, opens in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Dr. Alfred Fones, its founder, becomes known as “The Father of Dental Hygiene.”
1937: The first successful dental implant is inserted by Dr. Alvin Stock.
1938: The first toothbrush with synthetic nylon bristles appears on the market.
1949: A Swiss chemist named Oskar Haggar creates the system for bonding acrylic resin to dentin.
1950: Fluoride toothpaste is marketed for the first time.
1960: Dentists start to use lasers to treat periodontal disease.
1989: Home bleaching products first appear on the market.
1990: Tooth colored restorative materials and the increased popularity of veneers, bleaching and implants lead to an era of cosmetic dentistry
1997: The YAG laser is approved to treat tooth decay.

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