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Are Canker Sores Making It Painful to Eat?

If you have pain when you chew, you may be experiencing issues because of missing teeth, gum disease or cavities. You will want to see your dentist as soon as possible, to find the cause and treat it. At Hansen Dental Care will do everything we can to help get your oral health back on track as quickly as possible. But until you can be seen, your mouth will benefit from a nutritious soft-foods diet to maintain your energy levels.

Sometimes canker sores can cause discomfort, and there isn’t a cure per se, so you’ll just need to ride it out. You can make yourself more comfortable until the sore heals by avoiding things that can exacerbate the issue by irritating sensitive tissue.

Foods that can irritate oral tissues include spicy foods, foods high in acid like pickles and citrus fruits like oranges or drinks with lemon or lime. We recommend using bland foods at cool or room temperature to allow your canker sores to heal.

– Dairy foods, particularly low in fat can help. Plain yogurt, milk, or soft cheese.
– Cooked, canned, or frozen vegetables offer minerals and vitamins.
– Boosting your mashed potatoes with milk offers additional nutritional value.
– Cooked or canned fruit, including applesauce, can offer soothing relief.
– Any kind of cooked cereals, like cream of wheat or oatmeal made with milk.
– Shredded meat for a protein boost, like chicken, beef or pork.
– Cooked eggs offer a nutritious protein hit.
– Plain (not chunky) peanut butter.
– Room temperature soup.

These foods offer time to heal while keeping you on your A-game. You can always boost your protein intake (protein facilitates healing) by adding protein powder to milkshakes or smoothies and powdered dry milk to soup and mashed potatoes.

If you need help with help due to pain while chewing, you can schedule a checkup with our dentist by calling 626-793-2273 today. Dr. Robert E. Hansen Jr., DDS and our team are ready to assist you with your oral health in Pasadena, California.

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