Smile Therapy: Jaw and Facial Pain

Typically, if you ever feel any aches or pains in your body, it’s very likely linked to some sort of damage or condition that has occurred. This is especially true with your face. If you are suffering from jaw or facial pain, do not always dismiss it. It can also be linked to an underlying condition that needs to be treated.

There are numerous causes associated with jaw and facial pain. Even though you may be feeling jaw and facial pain, it could be a sign of underlying conditions in your body that need to be discovered with x-rays or other forms of diagnosis from your dentist. However, if you are suffering from serious conditions such as bruxism, periodontal disease, and TMJ disorders, you may also be feeling jaw and facial pain. In addition, sinus problems, infections, arthritis, and oral accidents and injuries also tend to produce jaw and facial pain.

If you are experiencing jaw and facial pain, come and visit your dentist for treatment. This may include various forms of medications including anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, and muscle relaxants. Various forms of exercise and mouth protectors can also be used to assist you. If your jaw and facial pain is related to an underlying condition, you may require an oral health care treatment such as a root canal therapy, periodontal treatment, or tooth extraction.

Are you ready to upgrade and enhance your smile with jaw and facial pain treatments? Hansen Dental Care remains committed to your oral health, and you are welcome to schedule an appointment with us by calling 626-793-2273. Dr. Robert E. Hansen Jr., DDS and our team look forward to having you visit our dentist office in Pasadena, California.

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