Use Sugarless Gum to Stimulate Saliva Flow

One of the most common threats to our smiles remains cavities and tooth decay. Tooth decay is caused by digging away at our tooth enamel that protects our teeth. If decay finds a way to dig through our enamel and into our tooth’s root, this is called a cavity. Cavities can lead to infection, diseases, and tooth loss. Apart from your normal brushing and flossing habits, there are other ways to protect your teeth, including the creation of saliva.

Saliva is a substance our mouth produces to protect our teeth and gums and keep our mouths clean. Not only can saliva wash away harmful bacteria and plaque buildup, but it also contains substances that can neutralize acids that eat away at our precious tooth enamel. Your mouth is a saliva factory, but most of its true powers lie hidden waiting to be released. One such method to produce more saliva in our mouths is sugarless gum.

Use sugarless gum to turn your mouth into a saliva factory. Although sugarless gum isn’t necessarily beneficial to your teeth because of its ingredients, it is helpful to the production of saliva, which can prevent cavities. Thus, studies have been proven that you can effectively battle against tooth decay cavities by chewing sugarless gum for up to 20 minutes after meals.

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